Friday, September 17, 2010

Vampire Diaries

So okay, after the cliffhanger that ended the first season of the increasingly impressive Vampire Diaries, I had been waiting anxiously all summer to find out what havoc Katherine was going to wreak in Mystic Falls this season.  From the flashbacks in the first season we had already gotten a glimpse of Elena’s doppelganger ancestor as a bewitching vamp with a penchant for toying with the hearts of men and she proved she could be vicious as well with her finger chopping present day intro in the finale.  In last week’s season opener she didn’t disappoint.  She came into town with a bang going from the finger chopping to flirty and manipulative impersonations of Elena and finally smothering and killing Caroline, who was saved (and cursed) by having Damon’s blood in her veins and setting her on the fast track to vamp city.  

I was sad to see that this week (and from the looks of things next week) Katherine won’t be back yet. And I’m sure Nina Dobrev, who plays the dual roles of Elena and Katherine was disappointed too, since she seemed to sink her teeth (sorry) into the role.  In this week’s episode Caroline, half wigged-out/ half realizing what was happening to her, drank human blood in the hospital and her transformation was complete.  The problem is now she has to figure out how to tell her childhood buddy turned boyfriend, the ever adorable, Matt (below). 

She barely dodged the sun during his daytime visit to the hospital, and at the end of the episode he told her he loved her for the first time still not knowing what she’s become.  She also has to deal with Damon wanting to kill her to keep her from exposing them and basically ruining everything.  For now Stephan and Elena have convinced him that it is out of the question, but Damon has never been one to give up so easily so if I were Caroline I’d keep my guard up.  And honestly as a viewer and a TV storyline connoisseur (in my head) I have the feeling that she may not make it to the end of this season. 

As for Damon, he seems to be keeping his feelings about Katherine coming back for Stephan and not him in check for now, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he will eventually implode.  At the moment, he is occupying himself with figuring out the Lockwood’s family secret, which anybody with eyes can see is that they’re werewolves.  Tyler Lockwood, for all his hotness, seems to be just as clueless as Damon even though he’s the one with the curse.  I’m sure they will explain how he hasn’t realized this (and it had better be good), but I will be glad when they get past it and he can unleash the wolf (and his shirt again!).
 Sexy uncle Mason Lockwood (below) returned to Mystic Falls, following the death of his brother the mayor, and unleashed a bit of werewolf whoop-ass (sans the fangs and hairiness) on an unsuspecting guy that Damon compelled to pick a fight with Tyler.  I was hoping that Uncle Mason would take this opportunity to finally tell Tyler the family secret, but he tried to explain it away like it was nothing.  Sorry, but my uncle can’t jump 10 feet in the air and his eyes don’t turn yellow in the moonlight either.  Luckily, to his credit, Tyler didn’t believe him.  And he quickly hid the family moonstone (as if that doesn’t scream werewolf!!) that his uncle was suspiciously snooping around for.  Looking at the clip from next week it looks like the werewolf will be unleashed and at least Elena and the Salvatore brothers will realize what it is.  I have a feeling that Tyler will remain in the dark for another week though.

Bonnie, who with Elena got to run the school carnival while Caroline was incapacitated at the hospital, also gets the thankless role of being the person that realizes vampires are usually pretty bad people.  She reminded everybody (again) what a powerful and angry witch she is by setting Damon on fire in an attempt to kill him once she found out Caroline’s fate.  A few people have mentioned to me that they’ve noticed a flirtatious hint of sexual tension between Bonnie and Damon.  This would be intriguing, but I’m not so sure.  I have a feeling that either Damon (or Uncle Mason) will soon be “comforting” the newly widowed Mrs. Lockwood.  I also hope to see Katherine make good on her subtle threat to seduce Matt in the guise of Elena.
  Bonnie had briefly got the attention of a guy working at the carnival only to find out hours later that he was Caroline’s first victim.  This was after he was pummeled by the Lockwoods. (Yep, same dude). Poor guy.  And speaking of poor guys, Jeremy, Elena’s emo younger brother, seems to be desperately searching for a purpose.  Two of his girlfriends have now been killed, he’s attempted suicide and had his neck snapped by Damon.  Thanks to his father’s invincibility ring he’s still alive, but I can’t blame the guy for not being excited about it.  He tried to kill Damon, but had a change of heart and seemed to be as lost as ever at the episode’s end.  Next week I’m looking forward to a half-naked wolf uncle and some answers to my many, many questions.  How will Matt take it when he finds out Caroline is a vampire? Will uncle werewolf be a friend or foe to the Salvatore brothers? Will Jeremy get a girlfriend that lives long enough to finish high school? And where the hell is Alaric?  I guess we’ll all have to stay tuned.

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