Friday, September 24, 2010

Vampire Diaries: Episode 3

First things first, I’m so glad it was a hot day in Mystic Falls this week.  We got tank tops galore and lightly glistening biceps to spare.  As long as The CW stays decidedly tweeny that’s the best we’re gonna get so we might as well enjoy.  This weeks episode went right into the big Lockwood family secret, which honestly gets more ridiculous the longer they drag it out.  We all know what the curse is so what’s the holdup? We did, at least, finally get confirmation this week when Uncle Mason, in all his glistening glory, went to the abandoned Lockwood family property in the woods followed closely by Tyler (you would think his bionic wolf ears would’ve heard his nephew behind him), who decides he wants to have a pool party in the watering hole.  Tyler knows something is up, but still isn’t sure exactly what.  Then later we get a nice sweaty shirtless scene of Uncle Wolfie in the abandoned basement of the property restraining himself in preparation for his transformation.
It was sort of cute and refreshing how even the vamps didn’t know about werewolves.  Since 1864 Damon (or Stefan apparently) has never encountered one.  Whatever.  It was good to see Alaric (or ‘Ric’ as they now insist on calling him) back in the fold.  I still think with a name like that he is some other kind of supernatural being, or someone with a dark family history.  I don’t care what they say, that name belongs to a warlock or an oracle.  Ric (I’ll just do it too), took Damon and Elena on a road trip to dig up some of Isobel’s research to find out what she might know about the lycanthropes and Katherine.  There they learned that vampires turned out to be werewolves’ prey of choice and a werewolf bite could kill them.  Uh oh!  And after a back and forth of "are we/aren’t we friends" between Damon and Elena, he gave her a book they found containing info about Katherine’s past.  They haven’t yet revealed what’s in the book, but we do know that Katherine is Russian and her surname is Petrova.  This made her cooler and sexier to me for some reason.

(you're welcome=)

Stefan stayed behind to take care of Caroline and help her through her vamp transition.  This involved them enlisting a reluctant Bonnie to put an invincibility spell on another ring for Caroline.  Of course, Bonnie had to go on her moral high horse again,“ I don’t wanna make it easier for her to hurt people. Blah, blah, blah” Just be a witch already.  I had a feeling she would be called on to do this at some point, but I’m with Caroline. Where was the magical witchiness?? If the friggin thing can make you virtually unkillable you’d think she would at least need to make a potion to dip it in or something.  On Buffy, Willow’s eyes would’ve at least gone black and on True Blood a chicken would’ve been sacrificed. Very disappointed.

Anyway, once Caroline was able to go out into the light she got a bunch of vamp coaching from Stefan on how to cope with her knew life (or death).  Her heightened insecurities caused her to go all jealous girlfriend on, the adorably confused, Matt when some girl was chatting him up at the watering hole.  Their intimate make-up/make-out session in the woods was interrupted by a wolfed-out Uncle Mason trying to attack Caroline.  When Tyler was trying to mack on the same skanky girl that was flirting with Matt in the basement of the property, Uncle Mason fled to his SUV in the woods (that I’m sure he thought would be equally as effective as the chains and restraints in the basement).  Tyler and Stefan both stepped in to help Caroline, Tyler being the one to actually get the wolf to flee, simply by asking it to.  Soon after, Tyler and Matt were both seemingly glamoured to forget the whole ordeal (and that unfortunate moment where Caroline fed on Matt in the heat of passion. Oops!).   
Although Tyler obviously remembered his interaction with the wolf because when the naked Uncle Mason (Damn you CW Network for not being TV-14!!) returned to his SUV looking for his pants they finally confirmed that Tyler knows the family secret.  Now Uncle Mason has some serious explaining to do and I hope he starts with why Tyler doesn’t change at the full moon.  My guess is he has to turn 18 for the family curse to set in.  But seriously, can Tyler just go Teen Wolf already? 
The scene in the woods with the super-swift wolf out to get Stefan and Caroline’s vampy blood was intense and heart-pounding, and I’m not afraid to admit that I was screaming at the television.  I’m convinced Caroline isn’t going to make it to the end of the season, so every time she’s in danger, in my head I’m thinking, “Here it comes!”  Alas, she and Stefan survived unscathed, at least physically.  Caroline was emotionally scared by feeding on Matt and then after she made another jealous girlfriend scene at The Max (or The Peach Pit or The Bronze wherever they hang out), he unceremoniously dumped her and she felt even worse.  Now, I’m sure she’s angry and vulnerable and in the perfect position for Katherine to take advantage of her.  And at the end of the episode the bitch was back!

As soon as I saw the fierce Farrah hair at the foot of Caroline’s bed I squealed with delight!! (Never mind how she got inside the house in the first place.)  I can’t wait to see what her next move is and what the first meeting between she and Elena will be like.  I’m sure they will tease out the details of Katherine’s ultimate diabolical plan throughout the season (I don’t buy the, ‘I came back for Stefan’ crap for a second), but I’m hoping for a nice chunk to chew on next week. 
Other things that I hope to be filled in on soon are: The budding romance with Ric and Elena’s aunt.  He kissed her at the end of this episode so I’m curious to see how it develops.  Will she finally find out what’s really going on in Mystic Falls, or does she already know more than she’s letting on? My guess is the latter.  Also, Lizzie, Caroline’s mom has been M.I.A. what’s up with that? And where was Jeremy? Can't wait until next week!


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