Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random thoughts....

I just had some random thoughts I'd like to share:

I watched the film Penelope with the good doctor a while back and I thought it was pretty cute, but remember when Christina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon used to be edgy?

I know Jenna Malone took the emo girl roles from Ricci, but where is she at now? (and Gabby Hoffman and Anna Chlumsky?) And Reese used to do stuff like Freeway, SFW and Election and now she does Sweet Home Alabama. I like Rom-Coms if they're done right and I LOVE the first Legally Blonde, but I just wish she'd go back to stuff like that.

Speaking of rom-coms, I need Kate Hudson and JLo to stop making them. Hudson is funny, but she needs someone else to pick her scripts, and JLo is funny sometimes, but not rom-com cutesy funny that's why most of them don't work. She's actually more edgy sarcastic funny that's why she was good in Out of Sight. Let Jules and Sandra stick to rom-coms, it's a reason they're the queens.

Also, I feel like Vivica Fox should have her own show on a cable network where she can look fierce and wear power suits. Glenn Close, Holly Hunter and Kyra Sedgwick have all done it and I think that would be a perfect platform for somebody like Vivica who's spunky, sexy and likeable, but doesn't always get to show her range. It would have been cool like 10 years ago if she had remade some of the Pam Grier blaxploitation films like Coffy or Foxy Brown w/ Tarantino, but now it's probably too late and I can't think of another actress with range that's stacked like her.

I wish Neil LeBute would write something really great for Paul Rudd and Julia Roberts to star in together. He writes edgy black comedies and I think they'd be perfect together for some reason, but just not a stupid rom-com. And also after Eat, Pray, Love I hope that we can see more Jules.

I want Ang Lee to do a film that reminds me why I loved him so much in the first place. Crouching Tiger was almost ten years ago and everything since then has left me feeling underwhelmed (Yes, Heath was a revelation in Brokeback but overall I thought he handled gay love better in The Wedding Party).

And speaking of Brokeback, why the hell is Jake Gyllenhall in this stupid Prince of Persia piece of crap? What happened to the Donnie Darko days of old? He needs to take note from Joseph Gordon-Levitt on how to be the handsome nerd that made him famous in the first place.

Where's Lela Rachon? And Chris Tucker? And Lorenz Tate?

Confession: I love Glee, but I don't think it can maintain its charm for more than 3 seasons, but a Glee movie might be really good if it's done right.

I love MJB and she’s one of the most consistent artists in music right now. Outside of the misstep that was Love & Life (which still had some good tracks), she is pretty reliable, but I wish she’d do another album like MARY. Color on the current album (but criminally wasn’t nominated for it’s inclusion in Precious) gave a hint of that stripped down soul that she is more than capable of giving us and I’d love to see her do something with Amy Winehouse and/or Mark Ronson.

PS. I’d love it if Janet would do something similar. She isn’t a soul belter like MJB, but she does have that Diana Ross coo (the Janet album has two Supremes samples) and her brothers are Motown royalty so she could do some covers or something like a Back to Black lite. Listen to Because of Love and I Want You and Whoops Now to know what I mean.