Sunday, October 26, 2008

Catching Up.....

So okay, I know I'm WAY overdue for a blog but my life just has not permitted me to think in the last few weeks, let alone write anything down that wasn't for school. I had to write two papers, a bunch of reading and I have to create a reality show and pitch it to my Media Arts class. And that was all just this week!

Several things have happened that I felt the need to comment on, but I've honestly forgotten about most of them. This is probably because they weren't all that important in the first place. Here are some highlights from what I remember:

Marcia Brady (I always forget her real name) wrote an autobiography about her life and I saw an interview she did discussing the book. I think she mentioned Syphilis more than Joe the Plumber was mentioned during the debate. Turns out her fear of going crazy in a mental institution from the disease (like her grandmother) was greater than her fear of becoming a C-list celeb country singer. Maybe she should've done Dancing With The Stars.

Speaking of which, I really feel robbed on DWTS this season because Maks came back but then was quickly removed due to the untimely injury of Misty-May Treanor. Couldn't they have gotten Kerry her volleyball partner to fill in for her? We already had one Maks-free season and now I feel like he was just a teaser to get me hooked again this season (which I am so I guess it worked. But still!). Also, what's the deal with Toni Braxton getting voted off! They were super hard on her West Coast Swing in my opinion. I thought that was her breakthrough and the shitted all over it! And Carrie-Ann is all like "Don't worry about your breakthrough, it'll come." Well not now thanks to your crappy scores!! But what was worse was how highly they praised Warren Sapp's dance and then basically gave him the same stupid score!! I think the judges have been smoking cheaper crack this season so poo on them!

As for America's Next Top Model. I am at the point in this cycle where I am just watching out of habit. I DVR'd the Wednesday show but I have yet to watch it. I know that Jocelyn got voted off and I'm not surprised. I also don't understand how Amsterdam is a fashionable place but I guess they can try to look fierce while smoking some legal weed or something...

I saw the bizzaro finale of the Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency, immediately followed by the reunion episode hosted by Janice herself. I guess the budget didn't allow for a host. They must've spent all of the host money on the lie-detector they brought in specifically to find out if Kehoe was gay. Yawn. Now I know why people like Flavor of Love reunion shows when people fight. She's moving to New York to start a new high fashion division or something. I just hope next season features more Gavyn, who is so impossibly adorable I almost can't take it.

Oh and finally, for everyone concerned about my legal troubles. I have to tell you that I spent a really long and pointless day in court, just to end up paying the stupid $10 I paid in the first f#cking place!
By the way the pics should have been placed near the segments referring to them but I think you all will be able to see who is who.
Vote Obama!! And Californians vote No on Prop 8. I'm already picking out a suit!

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