Monday, September 8, 2008

The New New Shit

So okay, I decided to start this whole blogging thing over because the first time it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. I don't really even know exactly what I plan to do differently this time other than actually use it but I've decided to just let the words flow and see what happens.

I guess I can use it to chronicle the progress of my budding writing career since I've decided to work on a few projects and try to actually get them published and get paid for writing which would be the first step toward a real career. Technically, I have a career now in the insurance industry but I don't really consider it career so much as a safe and well disguised prison where I'm forced to sit in a cell (cubicle), and try not to let the abysmally low morale of the other inmates (co-workers) affect my disposition. This is the hardest job of all, underwriting be damned.

I'm sure that I will always take time to complain about how frustrating the writing process is and what pop culture soundbites are funny, interesting or infuriating at any given moment. Sarah Palin, John McCain's awesomely bad pick for a running mate (and controversy magnet) is my current target. I don't think he could have done a more thorough job of finding someone who not only can't be trusted, but is so fascinating/creepy that although I would never vote for her (or him) I hope she sticks around on the national stage just for her sheer ridiculousness and entertainment value.

Right now, I know that I'm pretty much writing this to myself so I will try to advertise it to people so I can get feedback about the things I'm talking about, get other points of view and just to know that I'm not wasting energy and someone is actually paying attention. I'm not on myspace or facebook at the moment. I cancelled both accounts because I realized I was wasting far too much time being distracted by hot people and word games respectively. So for now, I'm reachable only through my blog, (I know. I'm SO 21st century). And of course if someone out there in cyberspace is listening just let me know. Even if you think I suck and should just shut the fuck up. I'll appreciate it.